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We pride ourselves on having the ability to produce custom coils to our customers' exacting orders. Our wide assortment of automated coil winding machines produce coils with precision, efficiently and economically.

Custom coils are specially engineered coils that are shaped and designed to perform unique functions for a variety of operations. Sag Harbor Industries has the skills and expertise to take any conceptualization and make it a practical reality. Regardless of how complex the design or how innovative the function, we have the tools and experience to meet your needs.

What is Custom Coil Design?

Though there are many standard coil designs that can fit easily into any application, there are processes that require adjustments, modifications, and alterations to fit unusual processes. These out of the ordinary uses for coils require experts in the field of coil design to use their vast fund of knowledge to create a coil that will easily fit into the parameters of a new design. It is in those situations where custom coils by Sag Harbor Industries are required.

Custom coil design begins by defining the specific frequency of the required current and the final function of the coil. When Sag Harbor Industries engineers meet with customers, they carefully cover the basics of coil design to help you understand the necessary specifications to meet your needs. These clear and concise consultations help you to understand the great services we provide in developing a coil that will fit easily and efficiently into your schematic.

What are the Different Types of Coils?

There are an endless number of types and kinds of coils since they are a necessary part of so many devices. Each variety of coil begins with some form of wire winding, which needs to be adjusted to fit the final application and the requirements of the coil’s design.

Electric coils are found in electric motors, generators, inductors, and electromagnets. They serve as a conductor of electricity to efficiently send electrical current to power motors. Electric coils are tightly wound and are engineered for consistent and reliable performance.

Encapsulated coils are similar to solenoid coils with the exception that they are coated with resin, which protects the wires of the coil from moisture and damage. The extra protection provided to encapsulated coils gives them extra strength and longevity. As with all other coils, encapsulated coils can be engineered to fit the needs of any industry.

Field coils are designed to generate electrical current for a variety of applications. They come in standard designs but can be produced for specific customer applications. Some of the various types of field coils include encapsulated, glass taped, tape wrapped, injection molded, transfer molded, and loose or bobbin wound as well as self-supported. Self-supported, or air coils, are used as a solution for uncommon and irregular applications, where space is a concern. Since self-supporting coils are bobbin-less, they are wound using magnetic wire that is added during the manufacturing process.

Solenoid coils, another of the common coils, is a foundational element for a variety of applications. Though solenoid coils are generally used, there are functions where they require special designing and need custom winding, a specialty of Sag Harbor Industries.

Coil Protection

As an added value, custom coils can be coated to protect them from harsh and demanding conditions. There are a variety of materials that can be applied to coils that increases their life span and offer protection from the elements. Protective materials include thermoplastics, thermoset, and varnish.

Molded coils are produced using transfer or injection mold presses. Thermoplastics and thermosets are applied, which include RYNITE, RE5220, MH6-XXX, RTV8112, and several other long lasting protective materials. The choice of material depends on the application and environment that the coil will have to endure. Sag Harbor Industries offers UL rated Class, B, F and H approved systems. We Transfer and Injection mold, Liquid pour and vacuum impregnate our coils. The materials we use are based on your application and its environment.

An alternative molding process for the application of coatings is pour molding, where liquid epoxy or silicone elastomer is poured over the coil. Pour molding is another specialized service offered by Sag Harbor Industries to meet customer needs.

Varnishes are applied to coils dipped brushing, spraying, or vacuum impregnation and baking. The type of coil can be bobbin or bobbin-less with bobbin-less coils ranging in sizes from 2AWG to 50AWG. The benefits of varnishing a coil include protection from harsh environments, corrosion, and any form of mechanical damage.

Whatever your coil needs, Sag Harbor Industries has the technology, expertise, and experience to develop a custom designed highly reliable coil that will perfectly fit your requirements.

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